Tarmac Car Parks: Designing for Bicycle Parking and Storage

Introduction: In Ashford, integrating bicycle parking and storage solutions into tarmac car parks promotes sustainable transport options and enhances the functionality and accessibility of commercial and public spaces. Here’s a comprehensive guide on designing tarmac car parks with effective bicycle parking and storage facilities.

The Importance of Bicycle Parking

As Ashford continues to encourage cycling as a sustainable mode of transport, providing adequate bicycle parking facilities in tarmac car parks becomes crucial. Businesses, retail centres, educational institutions, and public facilities can benefit significantly from integrating designated bicycle parking spaces alongside traditional parking areas.

Design Considerations for Bicycle Parking in Tarmac Car Parks

  1. Location and Accessibility: Identify convenient locations within the tarmac car park that are easily accessible to cyclists and near main entrances or key destinations. Clear signage directs cyclists to designated parking areas, enhancing convenience and safety.
  2. Secure Parking Solutions: Install secure bicycle racks or stands that accommodate various types of bicycles, including standard bikes, electric bikes, and cargo bikes. Consider racks that allow both wheel and frame locking for added security. Securely anchored racks deter theft and provide peace of mind for cyclists.
  3. Covered and Sheltered Areas: Where feasible, provide covered or sheltered bicycle parking areas within the tarmac car park. Sheltered spaces protect bicycles from adverse weather conditions, extending their lifespan and encouraging more cyclists to use sustainable transport options.
  4. Integration with Landscaping: Integrate bicycle parking areas harmoniously with the overall landscaping of the tarmac car park. Incorporate greenery, seating, and pedestrian pathways to create a pleasant environment that enhances the parking facility’s appeal.
  5. Accessibility Features: Ensure bicycle parking areas comply with accessibility standards, providing sufficient space for manoeuvring bicycles and ensuring ease of use for cyclists of all abilities. Consider inclusive design principles to accommodate diverse user needs.

Benefits of Designing Tarmac Car Parks with Bicycle Parking

  • Promotes Sustainable Transport: This policy encourages cycling as a sustainable mode of transport, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions in Ashford.
  • Enhances Customer and Employee Convenience: Provides convenient and secure parking options for cyclists, enhancing overall accessibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Supports Active Lifestyles: Facilitating cycling as a viable transport choice encourages physical activity and promotes a healthier community.
  • Demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility: It reflects a commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, aligning with community values in Ashford.

Consultation and Implementation

Engage with experienced designers and consultants to tailor bicycle parking solutions to the specific needs of your tarmac car park in Ashford. Professional advice ensures compliance with local regulations and best practices, optimising space utilisation and enhancing the functionality of your parking facility.

Conclusion: Designing tarmac car parks with effective bicycle parking and storage facilities in Ashford supports sustainable transport initiatives and enhances the overall functionality and accessibility of commercial and public spaces. By integrating secure, accessible, and well-designed bicycle parking areas, businesses and public entities can encourage cycling as a preferred transport option while promoting environmental sustainability and community well-being in Ashford.

This is a photo of a resin driveway installed in front of a triple garage

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